1. What are Mystro tutors' qualifications?
  2. Every Mystro tutor is among the top 5% of scorers for the SAT and ACT, a great communicator, and receives constant feedback after each session to improve as a tutor. We recruit our tutors from top colleges such as Emory and Georgia Tech.

  3. Are tutors background checked?
  4. Absolutely. We train, interiew, and background check all our Mystro tutors. We’re happy to be partnerning with Onfido, which has conducted checks for companies like TaskRabbit.

  5. How much does Mystro cost?
  6. Every session is $50.

  7. Where do sessions happen?
  8. You can have a Mystro session at home or at a public place near you. Many of our Mystro tutors have a favorite Starbucks, café or bookstore where they like to teach!

  9. Do parents have to be home for sessions?
  10. If you’re having a Mystro session at your home, we require parents to be present during the session.

  11. I heard about a first-time guarantee?
  12. Yes. If you don’t love your first session, we’ll give you a full refund!

  13. Are you planning to expand to other subjects?
  14. Absolutely, we’ll be expanding to teach everything one-on-one including music, athletics, and art.

  15. Can I schedule multiple sessions?
  16. Book as many as you’d like!

  17. How do I know Mystro is working?
  18. You’ll get a weekly report (if you like) on what you covered each week and free resources to help you learn faster!

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