How It Works

Finding a tutor should be simple. Learning should be fun.
At Mystro, we've figured out how to make both happen.


We train
amazing tutors


You schedule online
or with our app


Your Mystro comes
to your home or a cafe


We find awesome tutors at the best colleges and universities in your city. Only the top 5% of scorers on the SAT/ACT nationwide are qualified to apply. We screen them in-person and train them to the Mystro standard.
We accept less than 10%.

Find the Perfect Tutor

Based on what you’d like to learn or get help with, you can browse tutors in your area online or on your phone. You can book via the iOS app or the website for a time and location and schedule as many hours as you would like. We have a first session guarantee for all of our mystros so if you don’t love it, we’ll gladly give you a full refund.

Practice and Learn

Once you’ve schedule, your tutor will message you via the app and find a time to talk on the phone to understand your learning goals. Your Mystro tutor will meet you at your preferred time and location. After every session, we will provide detailed feedback from your tutor and send it to both the student and parent, keeping everyone on the same page.

Find a Mystro tutor near you.