Our Story

Everyone on our team graduated from high school (hold your applause). We didn’t just survive. We thrived! You know why? We had awesome parents. They put us in science labs, orchestras, and clubs after school and gave us other opportunities they didn’t have growing up. If we were excited about anatomy, they’d find a doctor to talk to us. If we decided to try coding on a whim, they would call a software engineer friend. If we fell in love with music, they’d invite a musician over for dinner. Though they had the best intentions, they didn’t always know where to find the right person to for us, someone brilliant who they could trust to inspire us and teach us the things we wanted to learn.

Our parents knew we were teenagers and that we didn’t listen to them because we were rebels, masters at the art of arguing about anything with our parents, teachers, and all other kinds of authority. But sure enough, our parents were smarter than we gave them credit for (as they always are) and they found the Achilles Heel to getting us to listen and learn. They found someone a little older than we were we admired and could teach us anatomy, or saxophone, or coding. We wanted to be like them because they were cool and they were relatable. They knew what we’re going through and though they often gave us the same advice our parents tried to, there was a difference. We listened.

And we’re still listening. Not just to our parents but to the hundreds of other awesome parents who we sat down with in their living rooms to ask them questions about their kid’s education. They all loved their kids more than anything and wanted them to care about the world, to have passions, and to work hard at them. They wanted their kids to talk excitedly about whatever new thing they were learning at school. So we set off to build something that can make that happen for them and all the other awesome parents out there who stay up late worrying about their kids and get up early to take them to school.

Finding someone your kid likes and who they will enjoy learning from is a tall order, but that’s just the order we filled. We can’t wait to hear from you about your kid getting excited about school. We can’t wait to hear how they crushed their math test, or got extra credit on their physics project, or learned how to code. We’re even more excited to hear from your kids when they become doctors, or start bands, or work as engineers at Google (or build the next one). We are honored to be a part of their story along with all the teachers, coaches, and people, especially parents, that make that journey possible. Because your teenage rebels with all their arguing and temper tantrums and unmade beds, are just as special as you think they are and we want to let their special shine for the whole world to see.

Carpe Diem,
The Mystro Team

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