Meet the Team

We're high school teachers and college students, programmers and designers and poets. All of us want to expand access to personalized education. We were founded in 2015 in Atlanta, Georgia. Since then we’ve grown to include some of the most wildly creative and accomplished education innovators in America.

Mehul Bhagat
Rostam Zafari
Philip Bale
Maija Ehlinger
Digital Marketing
Bryson Walker
Zack Littke-Smith
Andrew Collela
Kevin Sherrill
James Watson
Founder, The New School
Lisa York
Teacher, Peachtree
Brian Gott
UN Entrepeneur Council
Lauren Weiniger
Sheyda Mehrara
Director, ATL Tech Angels
Tuan Pham
Mystro Parent
Shashi Reddy
Exec. Chair, Case-Mate
Firouz Naderi
Frmr. NASA Director
Richie Hofmann
Award-Winning Poet
Shomu Banerjee
Professor, Emory
Ryan Prince
Mystro Tutor
Olga Inozmetseva
Teacher, TNS
Armir Mehmeti
CEO, Shofur
Christine Rua
Director, Republic Schools
Linton Hopkins
High School Intern
Calvin Tirrell
Mystro Tutor

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